Pugs are cute - but can be a lot of work and also can be expensive to maintain.
If you are considering applying to adopt, it is recommended that you read this article before doing so ..
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Perth Pug Rescue adopts Pugs out to compatible homes.

We do not place pugs on a first come, first served basis - instead, we try to match up the needs of the pugs with the desires and lifestyle of the adopting family.

Please accept the fact that very rarely do we get puppies, so please do not ask for them.

Please complete our application form, which can be downloaded in Word format and email it to Perth Pug Rescue or if you have further enquiries please go our Contact page. If you have difficulties either with downloading the form or no way of printing it out, please contact us.

I had hoped that the following would not be necessary but due to the amount of emails I have received asking for a Pug and in particular for a puppy it is obviously needed. plus very few of these emails even have contact numbers, location etc.

So I will have to state the obvious:

Adoptions will not be considered for people just sending an email saying "I want a Pug". If you will not fill out the application then you will not get a reply.

All requests for information will get a reply though.

Thank you for your co-operation.





Some of our rescues - all adopted out to very good homes




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